What They Are

Cysts are globular masses under the skin. They vary in size from very tiny to the size of a golf ball. Often people mistake them for large acne blackheads. Most cysts if left alone cause no harm. Many people like to try to squeeze out the smelly, cheesy contents. Manipulating a cyst in this manner almost never resolves the matter and sometimes leads to the rupture of the cyst.


At Piedmont Dermatology Center, we consider ruptured cysts to be a medical urgency and will try to get you in quickly to resolve the pain and discomfort associated with a ruptured cyst. Often we treat ruptured cysts with incision and drainage. Wound care is the most important feature of ruptured cyst care.

For non-ruptured cysts you need to consider how much you hate the look of the cyst versus how much you will hate the look of the scar from removing the cyst. These factors differ from patient to patient, and with the size and location of the cysts. Again, most non-ruptured cysts do not require any therapy or surgery. The scar question is usually less important for ruptured cysts since the rupturing has already caused a scar.

At Piedmont Dermatology Center, Dr Gross will be happy to discuss your options for treating your cysts.

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