Nail Problems
What It Is

There are many diseases and conditions that affect the healthy development of nails. These diseases may result in deformed, painful, discolored, soft or brittle nails. Skin cancers, infections and nail cosmetics may all alter the strength and luster of nails.

Some of the most common problems seen with fingernails involve eczemas due to:
  • Too–frequent washing and not enough moisturizing
  • Nail dehydration from frequent removal of nail polish
  • Non-sterile tools used to trim nails
  • Manipulation or trimming of cuticles

At Piedmont Dermatology Center, Dr Gross will evaluate your nails to determine the cause of your problem. A culture or biopsy may be needed for your nail evaluation. Therapy tailored to your needs will be recommended. With nail disorders it is important to remember a diseased fingernail may take about 6 months to regrow and a toenail may take 12–18 months to regrow.

Common conditions we treat include toenail fungus, ingrown nails and paronychia (skin infections around the nails).

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